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5 years ago

Adding a property to Grid Datasource doesn't add a Column to existing values

I have created a GRID Datasource with 5 properties and have added 1 row of values for each. When I am trying add an additional property , it doesn't add a column to the existing Configuration. 


The only workaround is I have change the type from Grid to something else and come back to Grid , but then that wipes out all the data stored. 


Looks like this is a bug Or Am I doing something wrong here ?


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    4 years ago

    Hi jbattaglia,

    I don't know whether the previous support case has been closed or not.
    I did see this behaviour in earlier versions but its been quite a while.

    What version of readyapi! are you using?

    You can try submitting a new call with smartbear.

    Nice one,


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    Hey mithunbhat,'a definitely a defect....i've had a number of similar issues in versions 2.3 and 2.4 and 2.5.

    Can you please raise a support ticket with Smartbear? They'll want to know about this...what version are you running?


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        Hi mithunbhat,


        I see your support case regarding this issue. The Support Team didn't reproduce the issue in their test lab. Could you please follow their recommendations to check if this helps?