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7 years ago

Access Denied when saving a project

I had engaged support and finally this case has been resolved

We had devs and R&D from SMART Bear involved which suggests they take each and very case submitted very seriously


 "Our R&D team looked further into the issue, and they ask you either to specify the path to an existing folder in the "Backup folder" option or uncheck the "Create backup" option:"


The message will pop up when you try to save a project 

thanks all the awesome and amazing folks for helping me in resolving this very annoying problem


Few calls and finally a solution


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    Of course, they are professionals with customer satisfaction as objective.

    It would be helpful to others if you can define the issue details such as problem statement, product version and repeatable steps etc. And add the solution since it is resolved.
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    Great to hear this, Sanjeet!

    We are always ready to assist with any questions.