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2 years ago

A lot of responseContent tags in project file



In the following screenshot you see the content of the xml file of one of our projects:



1. Why are so many of these created?

2. How can I prevent this from happening, since it takes up space. 

3. How can I remove these?


Thanks in advance! ğŸ˜€


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    Hey Raven25,

    I had a look at a couple of my projects' xml and it appears that the con:responseContent is generated when you create a virt.

    Did you perhaps create some virts and then remove them? If this is the case, then this might leave behind empty responseContent elements like in your screenshot.

    You do have to be careful editing a project .xml (very easy to corrupt the file), so if i were you, i'd take a copy (just to be safe) and then remove the EMPTY elements with value of <namespace:responseContent />

    Strictly speaking these are empty elements and so shouldn't have any impact on the wellformedness of your project .xml if you remove them.

    Once deleted, open your edited project .xml in an app with an xmlparser (IE, Notepad++ (if xmlplugin installed), xmlspy, etc.) If the edited .xml file opens successfully in the app without any errors reported, you'll have maintained the wellformdness and so the file should then open in ReadyAPI but with a slightly smaller file size.

    One thing: is this the only content you want to remove? How many empty element rows are there? Depending on the size of your project file compared with the relative total byte size of empty elements, the risk of editing the project .xml file might not be worth the risk/effort/hassle.

    Ok, that's all i got!


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      Oh! One thing. If you still have virts, but without any responseContent defined, then deleting the empty elements is NOT advisable! 😉
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    Hi richie !

    Thanks for your reply! 😀 Good to know that it is linked to virt steps. However, I'm still clueless as to why these empty tags are created.. And more importantly; is there a way to prevent this?

    We already started to remove them, but every time the project is saved, 10 more tags are created. It seems a bit of a hassle to remove these empty response contents every time.. Surely there must be an easier way 😅