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2 years ago

<no-xml> message in Diff view.

Hello everyone,


I am new to ReadyAPI, and so far I am loving it. I am planning to use it to run API regression tests comparing, comparing the results to a baseline. So far it worked great, but in one scenario, I couldn't make the Diff view work with XMLs responses. It works great with json, but not with XML.


To narrow down the issue: there is no loop, "discard successful results" is unchecked. 


The steps I used to reproduce it:

- Create a Functional test suite & Test case 

- Create a single REST/HTTP request. (I am using virtual api to quickly changes responses, but any simple GET api with no body, no headers that returns the simplest XML is enough to reproduce the issue)

- Execute the Test case. Set the execution as baseline

- Re run it, it will compare it to the baseline saying no differences are present (this is correct)

- Change the request response, re run the test case and differences will be present.

- Click to inspect the differences, <no-xml> appears in the current response. Baseline XML is displayed correctly. In addition if you open the current request/response in the test steps, the response is properly displayed, this is only observable in the diff view. 

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