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11 years ago

Workflow or Rules ? How to prevent a test run from running if all tests within are not yet approved?

Let's say we have a Test Set that includes 10 tests. 8 tests have been approved, Test 6 is "Awaiting Approval" and Test 3 is "Rejected".

What is the best way to prevent running the Test Set if all the Tests whithin have not been approved ?

We tried creating a rule. But the best we could do is send an email to the assignee if the Test is is not in the "Approved" state for more than a couple of days. There is no Escalation Rule for test set. If there was, we could send an email each time a test within the set was added or modified.

We also tried modyfing the Workflow of the Test Set so it can be manually set to status "Approved" when all tests within are approved. But this means more manual work for us, and 

while it could be automatically be done by QAComplete.

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  • Hello Anik,

    We do not have that kind of control on test and test sets at this point of time. Yes, there is no escalation rule for test sets. An enhancement request however has been submitted for this type of work flow requirement of preventing the run of Test Sets if all the Tests within have not yet been approved.