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12 years ago

Test Cases --> Test Mgt: Test Case tab? and JIRA integration


I recently upgraded to 9.7 which means I have the new Test Management feature (yay!).  I have some questions regarding this change:

  1. I've since exported my existing test cases and imported them into my new Test Library.  Thankfully I've not had many active projects but am gearing up to do so (in the next week or so).  With this in mind, I'd rather not set these projects up to see both Test Cases and Test Management (I think this would be too confusing).  I can't see that this would be a problem, so can I just hide the Test Cases tab from users without any repercussions (provided there's not existing test case data they may need)? 

  2. Also, with this in mind, I've been working on integrating with JIRA... and my only options are to select "test cases" not "test library"... what are my options here?  In other words, if I am trying to integrate to JIRA test cases, but not Software Planner Test Cases, instead Test Library... what will happen?



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  • Hi Kary!

    Yes, feel free to hide the Test Cases tab. You can do so by Security Group, so if you want to remove it for your QA Team, just set up their Security Group that way. You can always turn it back on if needed, or have a distinct group that can still see Test Cases.

    Regarding JIRA - I hate to say I don't know - I'll have to research and may need to talk to the OpsHub team about the integration.

  • Thanks for your reply, Barbara.  I did find out from OpsHub, the following:  Test Management module is not supported as of now, but we will surely work on your request and its planned for future (in other words, sync only works with Test Cases).  Also, the Release module isn't supported for sync but they are definitely planning for it in a future release.  This is all good news :)