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10 years ago

QAComplete Disaster Recovery testing requirements

I would like to know the procedure and steps to be considered for disaster recovery testing for QAC.

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  • Assuming you are following Microsoft and/or industry best practices for restoring/recovering your SQL Server databases (i.e. taking tape backups and storing them off site,. etc.), the only additional baseline component you would need to account for are the attachments stored in the system. Currently, these attachments are stored in compressed archives (.zip) on the application server file system in a directory named FileExchange. So, if you're not using virtual machines to host your servers (and following best practices for virtual machines wrt disaster recovery) you would need to write a job that executes on the application which backs up this directory on a nightly/hourly basis. With those 2 backup items stored off site, you could rebuild your instance of the software in the event of a disaster.

    This would involve running a clean install of the software on new hardware/servers and then restoring the databases (also re-syncing the SQL login sids) and FileExchange directory. Customer Care could also assist/provide instruction if such an event occured to get you back up and online if needed.