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12 years ago

Delete All Requirements for a Project

I'm using the import wizard, and importing large batches of requirements.  When I come across rows that had issues importing, I'd like to edit the CSV so that the rows will import successfully on subsequent attempts.

How can I delete all of the requirements I've imported into a project, without having to actually delete the project itself?

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    Reply from SmartBear:

    You have a couple of options.

    If you want to delete an entire set of requirements that came from one import
    process, you can do so under Setup. You'll need the ImportId number - it is
    stamped on the record, so you can use Choose Fields on the listing to throw it
    on the screen.

    Then go to Setup / Import / Delete Imported Batches, select Requirements, then
    the ID and confirm the delete.

    Your other option is Fast Edit.

    Go to Requirements and if necessary, make a Filter that selects the
    Requirements you want to delete. Then click Fast Edit / Delete Multiple Items.
    Check the box at the top to select everything displayed, then Delete Selected

    Neither of these methods will delete the Folder / Subfolder structure.