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13 years ago

Agile task creation- Active state by default

When an agile task is created by navigating through Project Management>Agile Tasks>Add New, the task takes "Active " state by default  (instead of "New" state )although "Active" state is not listed in the Status codes of Choice Lists. Is this by design??Thanks!

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  • Hi Deepika -

    Please check under Setup / System Configuration / Screen Layouts - select Agile Tasks, then look for the tab that has Default Values on it. That might be where the status is coming from.

    Let me know if this takes care of it!
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    Hi Barbara,

    When navigated to : System Configuration>Screen Layouts>Agile Tasks, the Default Values tab appears to be blank for the field "Status" . Not sure how the task is going to"Active " status when created.
  • Interesting...might be an issue with Agile Tasks. Would you mind submitting a support ticket to our support team so they can look into the issue? They'll probably want some screen shots - show your Status Code definitions and the new Agile Task.

    You can easily submit an ALMComplete support ticket by clicking on Help Center, then select Create Support Ticket.