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2 years ago

Cloudflare Captcha & Dedicated Load Generator IPs

I am just getting started with the LoadNinja platform and as we start spinning up some scripts to test with the IPs are getting blocked by Cloudflare. The result is a full page Captcha. I know we need to register/list the IPs being used by LoadNinja to execute the tasks and that we can opt to get a list of the Load Generator IPs within 30 minutes of running the test. 


Is there a way to get a master list of all possible IPs LoadNinja may be using. We'll likely want to fire off tests during off hours and I'd hate to have our clients having to stay online (not to mention myself) in order to ensure all the IPs have been registered. 


If we wanted to schedule these for multiple runs over time, having to always dynamically update the IP is very inefficient.


Has anyone else run across this scenario? What did you do about it?

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    In testing what we need to do to orchestrate a load test against {productUrl) we are getting blocked (forced to CAPTCHA) as the IPs being used appear to be blocked by Cloudflare. We could try to permit the 'HeadlessChrome' User Agent, add a specific Request Header, or provide a IP list/range against your Cloudflare configuration to proceed...


    • User Agent -- Still may need IP ranges, but worth a test
    • Request Header - Not 100% Cloudflare would permit this as a bypass filter
    • IP List/Range - Best option, but will require us to be present. As our test servers are provisioned and spun up for a test, we can get the dedicated IPs for the test but only within 30 minutes of actually executing the test. After that the IP reservations are returned to the 'pool'.