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9 years ago

Recording - request method PATCH

Hi all,


During the recording I encounter a certain point in which the tested application halts and waits for data.
As soon as I turn off the recording, the data seems to come through.

I followed the process with the Google Developer Toolkit and noticed that this is the first request with as request method "PATCH" and not the more frequently used GET or POST methods.
Is this an issue and how can I resolve it?


Many thanks in advance!





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  • Hi Gert,


    I am not sure that LoadComplete supports the PATCH method. You may want to pose the question to support ( to get a definitive answer.


    The behavior that you described (application halting during recording) could be a symptom of PATCH not being handled correctly, or it could be a proxy issue. Could you let us know whether or not your application uses HTTPS and which browser you are using for recording?