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13 years ago

Recommended min/max values for Random Think Time


I am evaluating LoadComplete for the last couple of weeks.

I have noticed that the user think time, is also recorded, when LoadComplete is in recording mode.

To prevent polution in my test results, I overwrite the recorded user think time at the recording stage, by setting the min and max. values in the "Random Think Times", in the tests, to play back the tests with more "fixed think times".

By default, in LoadComplete, these are set to min. 0 and max. 10000 ms.

Since 10 seconds (the default) is a bit to much time, in my opinion, I set the max. value to 1000 ms (1 second)

What are the values for min and max. Random think times other load /stress testers use?

What are the common used values? Do you have any recommendations regarding the min. and max. settings of the Random Think Times?

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