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4 years ago

noob question viewing response after run

I was given responsibility for LoadComplete test runs when a collegue left. The tests and scenarios he created were not stable. So he showed me how to record a scenario. All fine. I created a scenario and a test. How do I see what the responses were when I run a test? I want to see the responses for the requests I am making. How do I do that? Thnks

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      Thank you for the reply. Following what you linked I wound up here:



      Which is what I want to see. In that document, it documents the No Data to Display as I am seeing. (See NoData.png).


      There is a link to the simulating settings where you are supposed to set a setting to NOT skip body. So I go to my settings and looks to me like the settings should cause the response body to save. See simulating settingsettings.png


      But I am not seeing a response body.


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        Settings are correct.

        The case is that request/response data is displayed for requests only. I.e. you should see the recorded and actual content of request and response if you select the record for the Request0065. The error message below the log error for request says that no data was extracted from response by Data Selector for the Redirect_3 variable.

        Most probably, this happened because there was redirect (code 302) when the scenario was recorded, but during the playback there was no redirect but the server responded with successful page (code 200). As a result, the structure and content of the returned page was different and this made Data Selector to fail.

        I suspect that this is because more that one virtual user was used during playback.

        I think that you may start with this:

        -- Execute the scenario for one virtual user (either in Verify mode or just set one VU for the test). Repeat the run two-three times;

        -- If all runs succeed, then you need to analyze how the checkout process is implemented in the tested application by either talking with developers or by analyzing the recorded traffic for the scenario.

        It is my guess that some token/cookie must be cleared during the logout sequence but the Request0065 is not parameterized enough and in the request server receives token/cookie that must be absent for the logged-out user. Thus server 'thinks' that this virtual user has a valid session and responds with the requested page instead of redirect to some landing page.