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13 years ago

Next value on each use by virtual user using excel variable


we are using Next value on each use by virtual users as my excel variable to test our application services. Our excel sheet contains 4 column in which 4th column have XML string which we use to test the web services. Excel sheet have total 100 different XML strings.


we have added 10 virtual users , when we run the test for 5 minutes the test only considers first 10 XML string values of column 4 from the  excel sheet for full 5 minutes of test.


We expect our test  should consider the next set of values from 11 to 20  & 21 to 30 for each request .  Can any one of you please help me to in this regard. Is there any changes required in my excel sheet . Please any one reply.



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    Hi Kumar,

    According to your description, LoadComplete should take more than 10 rows from your file. Maybe something is wrong with your test settings. I'd suggest that you send a message to our Support team from this page:

    Please specify the issue description and attach your test project demonstrating the behavior you described.