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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Unable to find credentials for the <Host-Name> host

Hi All,

Recently tried to load test a sharepoint application with a windows based authentication. The application need user name and password to access. I am getting the following error while replaying the scenarion. Can anyone suggest where the problem is and how can i overcome the same. Thanks in advance

Request #4 of the virtual user "Virtual user group (1)" in the scenario "Scenario1": Unable to find credentials for the "devontap.gcn.local" host which the tested server requested. These data are not specified in the Authentication Information table. See "Supported Authentication Types" in help for more information.

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  • Sounds like there's one or more requests that were included in your scenario at the time of recording which also use NTLM authentication.

    You'll need to add credentials for each domain/server name that required them. In your case, you should follow the steps in this article and specify the host name "devontap.gcn.local", the DOMAIN\Username and password you want to use to test the app with.

    While you can use your static text credentials to validate this fix temporarily, I highly recommend having an external data source (like a spreadsheet) with testing users' credentials, then creating variables for username and password, and referencing those variables as the values for the server credentials in LoadUIWeb. Never store your own domain credentials in plain text, certainly not as a long-term solution, but to simply test if this solves your problem, this should do that.
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    Thanks Paul. After putting all the server detail along with the user name and password the scenario is working fine. But agreed it is a temporary solution as I need to do the parameterization of these values. Thanks a ton.