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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Parameterized value is not getting assigned


I am trying to parameterise the user name and password fields. With Data correlation functionality, I am able to define variable and replace the same under request tab.

But when I execute the test I am displayed with following error.

Connection 4 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user group (2)" was not simulated.

(Test was executed aginst 2 users with 2 values passed to variable)

Please guide me on the same. or provide me the steps so that I can cross check where I am going wrong.



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    Hello Dipti,

    Please ZIP your project directory and email it to me.   I will take a look at what you did, and make corrections.

    For Example:

    C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\WebLoadUI 2 Projects\[your project name]

    Zip the project directory having the issue and send.
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    Please contact a sales representative by filling out the Pro Trial form here, then you can send them the zipped file, and I will do some further testing for you.
  • Hi..

    I have sent you the project zip to your email address. Please let me know where I am going wrong.



  • It's deep night for Mike right now. He will be able to reply tomorrow only.

    Closed connection generally means some error on the server side. You may have a number of errors on the server side and it not always may respond correctly. So i suggesting you to inspect response headers and body of your server. You can store response data in log via turning on appropriate option or just verify scenario to see real server response in log. 

  • Hello, is there any updated futher info for this error now? 

    Im facing the same thing "Message Time

    Connection 24 of the scenario assigned to the virtual user "Virtual user (1)" was not simulated. 9/14/2013 4:08:51 PM"