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6 years ago

LoadCompletePro_4.91.7328.24_No traffic has been recorded error on screen.

Hello Team,

Load Complete Pro _ Throwing No traffic has been recorded error on screen. Please see below more information about this issue.


Quick Summary *

Could you please help me on this new issue i'm started facing with Load complete tool. Whenever i started recording for one of our internal website specifically this load complete pro tool failed to record scripts and as result of this i'm getting no traffic has been recorded error on screen of Load complete.Not sure whats wrong going on.

System Configuration* 

  1. This error observed for all four tested browsers i.e. IE 11, Edge,Chrome and Firefox while using on specifically Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803 OS build = 17134.81 Operating System.

Additional details*

  1. The same application is working fine on IE 11,Chrome and Firefox browsers using Win7 operating system .

Actual result*

  1. User blocked to perform load testing activity due to error on screen "No traffic has been recorded"


  1. Please find attached snasphot for error reference.


Kind regards,

Amit Bhagwat



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    Hi Amit,


    Actually, you provided extremely little info about your problem. We can guess that by itself your application is working. Otherwise you would have nothing to use to record the traffic.

    You did not mention if your application uses http(s) or some other protocol, you did not describe what actual actions were done to make a recording...
    Just to be on the safe side and have something to start with: have you followed all steps mentioned in this help section: ?