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9 years ago

How to record E-signature authentication

Hi everyone


I'm doing a performance test, for a report upload system of a bank, and here I'm having this problem:

After I upload the file, system will do a security check, it's using e-signature, with an USB key and the program SafeNet authentication client. I can record the uploading of the file, but after upload, there's a window of SafeNet Authentication client to insert a provided password, let's say abcd1234.


LoadComplete can't record the authentication part, therefore, when I run the scenario, the file can not be successfully uploaded. The password abcd1234 seems like being processed by SafeNet Authentication client, I couldn't find that string abcd1234 in any request captured by both LoadComplete and the browser.


So, my question is, how to capture that authentication part with LoadComple? Or in another words, I need to upload the file through LoadComplete successfully.



Thank you so much for reading my question.


Best wishes


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    Hi Hung,


    LoadComplete can work only with http(s) protocol. It is my guess that SafeNet can perform authentication via some other protocol and thus its traffic is not processed by LoadComplete.

    I would recommend to clarify this point.