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6 years ago

how to parametrize the time specifier in 13 digit milliseconds format in Load Complete

Hi All,


I am new to Load Complete. Currently working on parameterizing of the request.

In one of the request, there is field call dojo.preventcache  for which the time is specified in 13 digit format i.e.,1551418768443.

I am trying to parameterize the value using the "Set Parameter Values.." wizard. But I couldnt find the option.

Can any one help on this.


Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Swapna,


    I think that you need to talk to developers and figure out what is the format of this data. Is this really the number of milliseconds? From what starting point? How precize it must be? (For example, is it acceptable if it is specified with the precision of up to one minute?)

    Can you provide some screenshots to better understand the case? (Or, maybe, the whole LoadComplete project?)