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3 years ago

error in report where the response code info should be right - not sure how to solve to remove error

In the error in log screen shot, you see that there is an error indicator on the Add To Cart Processing Page but the actual response codes are all correct. You see in the scenario that response code is ok. I should not see an error on hte page in the report, should I? Thanks

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    vthomeschoolmom :



    The error in the log is displayed not for request, but for the page. The page was simulated partially (as noted in test log) and this is the reason for the reported error.

    On the page level I see these two problems:

    -- Response code for Request 0085 differs from the expected one. According to the Expected Codes setting for this request (taken from your second screenshot), it is my guess that server responded with code 302 during recording but the code during playback was 200. This might be the reason for the second problem:

    -- Connection was simulated partially. Check help section for the recommendations as for possible reasons of this problem.