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13 years ago

Dynamic Parameters

I'm having problems with the dynamic parameters, in this case withPHPSESSID, I realized the settings for "request" and "response" and alsoin the management of the cookie and nothing worked.

the test log shows as a warning, now this is correct? I hoped with all the settings the response of the log was ok.


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  • Hi Alexie, I've used up all the steps mentioned in this link. I do not think I was clear in my question. As I said, I realized settings, what happens to the message log that is displayed is as "warning", the response of the log iscorrect? from my point of view from the moment I realize all parameterizations the log message should be "ok".

    I do not know if it helps to interpret my problem, but below is my test data.

    cookie handling= use real-time cokkies

    edit query string parameters = PHPSESSID ([A-Za-z0-9,-]*)

    Response - Data Selectors - Regular Expression_([A-Za-z0-9,-]*)// Mask_$1//Name_PHPSESSID

    Run the test with 5 users, the log message is "warning" and points out the difference in the Request Header.

    field = Cookie

    Record value = loginCookie=;passwordCookie=;PHPSESSID=([A-Za-z0-9,-]*)

    Simulated Value= PHPSESSID=7rhg2al7q2s3bpj2970q2cfof6; loginCookie=; passwordCookie=

    My question, the warning "Warning" is correct? I am using the correct parameters?
  • Hi Gizele,

    Let me quote the About Resolving Errors and Warnings help topic:

    Warnings are reported if response codes differ from the response codes that were originally recorded (regression mismatch).

    In any case, first of all, please try resolving the warnings using the information from the Resolving Warnings help topic. If this doesn't help, we'll need to analyze your test and the problematic execution logs. Can you pack the folder containing your test project and post the archive here? Note that if you need to get personalized assistance, you can submit a separate support case using our Contact Support form.
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    Hi Everyone!

    To those who face similar issues when using LoadComplete 1.0:

    We investigated the log Gizele had sent us and found out that, most probably, there were two issues:

    1. Incorrect query string parameterization. This issue is fixed in LoadComplete 2.0.

    2. Absence of automatic handling of the PHPSESSID parameter. According to the criteria from the "Automatically Correlated Parameters" section of the "Data Correlation - Overview" LoadComplete 2.0 help topic, such parameters are supposed to be handled automatically.

    So, the first recommendation is to check whether the issues occur with LoadComplete 2.0. You can request its free trial version here.