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5 years ago

Handling Cucumber/JS 3 with Hiptest-publisher




Currently, Hiptest-publisher does not support out of the bow the notation used by Cucumber/Javascript 3, like what you can see below: 

var {defineSupportCode} = require('cucumber');

defineSupportCode(function({Before, After, Given, When, Then}) {
When('I start the coffee machine using language {string}', function (lang, callback) {

We are looking for an elegant and scalable way to handle multiple versions of an execution framework with Hiptest-publisher.
That said, we have written the different templates that should be used to generate Cucumber/JS 3 compatible code.


You can see them in the branch “cucumber-js-3” of the “hps-cucumber-javascript” repository: 17


To use them, simply copy the “templates” directory of this repository to you own code repository and add the option “overriden_templates=templates” to your Hiptest-publisher configuration file.


We’ll keep you updated as soon as we are able to handle different versions of a framework inside hiptest-publisher.



Happy testing,

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