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5 years ago

Announcement: Natural for Eclipse

After a long time I wish to announce today we released a new version of Natural, a set of plugins supporting BDD which is mostly focused on Cucumber & Gherkin.

If you have never heard of Natural then shame on you: it supports syntax highlighting, feature files formatting and structure outlining, step auto-completion, step matching and code hyperlinking!

This is a maintenance release, necessary to update the dependencies and make it compatible with the recent Eclipse releases, from Mars up to 2020-03, but it's going to be the last release on what we now consider the old development trunk: we are now focusing on a massive rework which will bring improved language support, faster response time and (drums rolling...) support for Groovy language!

We wish to invite you all to visit our project on Github and give Natural a try and remember: we need your help to keep rolling this forward!

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      rlogiacco  : Thanks for sharing but i found Cucumber Eclipse Plugin to be more useful. As gives sample template for Feature file when i created new Feature file.


      Refer attached screenshot.


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        Hi HimanshuTayal,

        our plugin set is far from being perfect (I believe our issue tracker speaks for itself) and we do enjoy some competition, but the feature you are highlighting as a differentiator is definitely not one we are missing. I believe our approach might be considered even superior from certain points of view because we provide "customizable templates" for each main item of a feature file: we use CTRL+space to enable auto-completion and suggestions, the latter is a customizable list via Eclipse settings.


        And you can customize them as you like:


        Also, consider that when you have stepdefs available in your project the auto-completion feature contains your step definitions along with the templates.


        You might want to have a look at the screenshots page and to the main features section on our home page.


        Finally, allow me to be clear: keep the critics and comparisons flowing in because your feedback is exactly what we are looking for, maybe along with some help or support 😉


        UPDATE: as proof of how much we value feedback, the screenshots page has been updated with the hope of giving a clearer view of the features.