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3 years ago

Running Selenium scripts on iPhone Safari

Hello,   Could you please point me in the right direction to set up Selenium scenarios suite to run remotely on iPhone in Safari?  I would like to know if iPhone 13 is supported and if so is there a...
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    3 years ago

    Hi leokleok!


    Absolutely! Under the 'Getting Started' section from the 'Automation' tab we have a capability configurator that allows you to select your desired platform/device. This will build out the required caps for the selected device. This configurator is actually a fully functioning script you can copy/paste into your IDE to get up to speed quickly with Selenium in CBT. You can access this fully by clicking on 'View Full Script' just above and to the right of the displayed capabilities.


    Link to our Getting Started section;


    It looks like the iPhone 13 is not currently supported yet. You may reach out to the CBT Support Staff to inquire about any information in regards to a release timeframe.


    As for parallel, there is no limit to the 'types' of devices you can run at once. The only limitation is how many parallel tests you can run at maximum, which is a metric of the subscription in CBT.


    I hope this helps!