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12 years ago

Prompting for password for every task in Eclipse JUNO using v6.5, CVS

While using Eclipse JUNO (v4.2) and having v6.5.6511.004 of the Code Collab Eclipse plugin installed, while attempting to do a code review (CVS), I am experiencing the following odd behaviors:

1 - Goto Code Collab perspective, double-click on code review in Action Items, review opens.  Unable to double click on a file in the review. Workaround, I can right-click on a file and choose open. What happened to the double-clicks?

1.1 - When I click on a change in the opened file, then attempt to click on the New Conversation on line XX edit box in the Conversations View, the line number changes to line 1.

2 - Every activity I am prompted to enter in my password.  The dialog says: "CodeCollaborator client credentials invalid. Please supply a valid password."  My password is never saved.

2.1 - When I goto the Preferences page for Code Collab, goto Server Connection.  I can see my server url, and my user name, but there is no field to enter in my password.

This is very cumbersome to use this way, any ideas on how to resolve these issues? And I know the password I am entering is correct, because each task completes successfully.



OS: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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