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3 years ago

Collaborator 13.2 and 13.4 cannot login in the command line if the password contains a double-quote

Any time the password contains a double-quote, the login command below raises an exception. 

Example: if the password is 123"456, then the login command must be:

ccollab.exe login Matei  "123""456"
The Collaborator server throws an exception:
Trying to login with new Network is unreachable: connect
at Method)
ERROR: Executing command `ccollab login`: Network is unreachable: connect
com.smartbear.collaborator.client.exceptions.CollabClientException: Network is unreachable: connect
The correct answer from the server would have been:

 Connecting to Collaborator Enterprise v13.4.13401 Server
 Collaborator Enterprise client credentials invalid. Please supply a valid password.


This situation was not present in version 12.4, the double-quote was accepted in the password!

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      And what if the password contains a single-quote and a double-quote, like this: 123"4'56 ?

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        This isn't a Collaborator problem . . . it is a Windows CMD shell problem.  You will have a problem with other characters as well (like caret ^ and ampersand & and percent %).  There doesn't seem to be a simple clean way to do this.