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4 years ago

Is possible to get displayName in Appium cloud side test


I use Python tests with Appium cloud side automated test of Unity game. To obtain device name we use UnityEngine.SystemInfo.deviceName, whitch returns something like iPhone instead of displayName Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max A2411 14.1.


Is any possibility to get displayName in test enviroment (shell, Apppium)?


I checked Appium capabilities, APPIUM_DEVICE enviroment variable, but nothing useful.

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      I dont ask for rename device name or device group.


      Mayby better question. Is possible set displayName to OS enviroment in the same way as UDID for iOS?


      So then is possible to pick up it from test script like: echo "UDID set to ${IOS_UDID}".


      Now I must generate test zip for each device with its name.


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        ah ok, so your running cloud side on set of devices...


        Have you tried storing the output from the below command in String array and retrieve the required information

        (from Stack Overflow) 


        For android -
        adb -s " + deviceID + " shell getprop
        For iOS -
        instruments -s devices


        you could either drop to the command line to run those commands, or if there's a library (e.g. python-adb ) you can do it within the script.