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2 years ago

iPhone Accessibility Zoom

Is it possible to change iPhone's zoom in Settings -> Accessibility -> Zoom or by Pinching (Not sure how I'd do it from a computer)?

The scenario I need to test needs zoom.

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  • For iOS devices, we added AssistiveTouch that is an accessibility feature. It offers an alternative access to the device’s functions and enables navigating through its UI.


    To access AssistiveTouch:

    1. Click the AssistiveTouch button on the toolbar:



      Click the image to enlarge it.

    2. Click the AssistiveTouch function button, that is now shown on the device screen:



      Click the image to enlarge it.

    Result: The AssistiveTouch menu opens up. Now, you can easily navigate across the device.

  • Hi Yandiro ,


    My name is Jaymie and I'm the Product Manager for BitBar. We've been working on a new feature for Android and iOS that would make it possible to do the pinch zoom gesture on BitBar live testing. If you are interested, we're looking for beta testing customers. I'll send you a link to book time directly in my calendar through a private message.


    Jaymie Falconi

    Product Manager, BitBar