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15 years ago


im using aqtime on a vc6 project however no matter what i do,i can't get a better report then one that just gives 100% for the <root> function.

project compiled in debug according to the specifications in the documentation.

i already copied vc60.pdb to the analyzed dll library

can you help?


thank you,


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  • Hi Erik,

    I am guessing that you are using the Coverage profiler. Please tell me whether AQtime can read the debug information of the profiled module. To check this, please select the 'Routine' item from the combo box above the Modules pane of the Setup panel and expand the node with your module name. If you can see all the internal routines (not only the exported members), AQtime was able to read the debug information.

    If the debug information is read correctly, please reproduce the problem, save your AQtime project and send me the project via the Contact Support form ( If the project file is too large, zip it before sending.

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    well i was using the performance profiler, however just changing the setting to routines solved the problem

    so thank you