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15 years ago

problems when trying to profile IIS

I'm trying to use AQTime on IIS 6 to profile ISAPI filters.

I was following

when I try to run the profiling AQTime restarts IIS, opens IE with my website but then AQTime tells me that it's waiting for dllhost.exe to load even though I'm running IIS 6. no problem thought, I'll run in isolation mode, but when I set my IIS to isolation mode and try profiling again this time when I hit the run AQTime tells me it's waiting for w3wp.exe to load.

Anyone has an idea ?

Thanks :)

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  • Hello Omer,

    You should be able to profile your filters in the IIS 5.0 isolation mode if you run the profiling in the ASP.NET mode and open an ASP.NET application's page. In this case, the filter's mode should be loaded to the ASP.NET working process.

    If you invoke a non-ASP.NET application, IIS 6 runs ISAPI filters in the "Inetinfo.exe" process. So, you can try using AQtime's "Attach to Process" feature to attach to the process and profile your filter modules in the Normal profiling mode. Please see the "Attach to Process" help topic for details.