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7 years ago

Node-lock license, PC re-install OS, can not deactivate-reactivate AQTime

Hi all,   I have a Node-lock license, the PC on which AQTime installed crash down and I have to re-install the windows. But I forgot to deactivate the license. Now I found that I can not deactivate...
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    7 years ago



    AQTime's licenses are perpetual and license re-activation should not depend on the state of your maintenance...

    Have you submitted Support request via the form?

    It is essential to submit initial request via the above form as it might be lost otherwise.


    P.S. Another option might be to access your page at the Customer Portal ( and check for the links to either deactivate the current license or to issue a new emergency one.

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    7 years ago

    thanks, I've submit a issue and then get a quick reply:


    1, open http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html page

    2,click the C2V button and get a file.

    3,send the file to support then problem was solved.