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8 years ago

Monitor panel is empty

Hi all,   I don't know why (surely I did something wrong with an unwanted drag'n'drop), my monitor panel is an empty window... no graph, no grid, no contextual menu to edit data... (see attached) ...
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    8 years ago

    Hi Fred,


    Hm-m-m... Sounds strange...

    Several ideas that you may try:

    -- Click somewhere within the Monitor window and press Shift-F10 to open context menu;

    -- View|Desktop|Restore Default Docking main menu command;

    -- View|Toolbars|Restore Toolbar main menu command.


    If nothing from the above helps and you don't want to reinstall;) - ask Support via form.



    Ah, and one more idea, though I never tried it: close AQTime, navigate to the <User Profile>\AppData\Local\SmartBear\AQtime\8.0\ folder, move all its content to some other location and start AQtime...