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15 years ago

memory block violation

From the user manual

Finding memory block violations

When an application is running under AQtime, it traces the attempts to write data beyond the allocated

memory blocks. To enable the tracing, activate the Check Memory Bounds of the Allocation profiler. See

Checking Bounds of Memory Blocks to learn more about this feature.

If a memory violation occurs, the Event View panel posts the following message: “AQtime detected

unexpected data written before (or after) a memory block”, followed by the block address and it’s size.

Further investigation can be made using the Objects category of the Report panel.

1. Select a memory violation row in the Report panel. This row holds the “Memory Overwrite Error”

value in the class name column. For more detailed information on columns values, see the Allocation

Profiler - Report Panel Columns.

I receive this error but I do not have “Memory Overwrite Error” in the class name column anywhere. I do not think i have anything filtered... that I am aware of anyway



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  • Hello Christian,

    I guess that the "View Project Classes Only" option is enabled on the Profiler toolbar. Please disable the option to see the "Memory Overwrite Error" entries in the Report panel.

    Please see the "Allocation Profiler Options" article for more information about the option.