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15 years ago

Ignoring a lot of files


  I'm evaluating AQTime for Code Coverage purposes, and while I'm very satisfied with the features it provides, I'm getting problems with the performance of it.

  The project it's a BIG one, and running under the profiler (using light coverage profiler), when the program is finished, it takes ages on the screen "getting results".

  If I try to add files to be ignored, in this case is the whole JVCL, it takes ages to start the profiler, and after 5 minutes, I just close the IDE and try again.

  So, are there any tips I can try to improve the speed of AQTime?


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  • Hi,

    What if you create an including area and add there only the files you want to profile?

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    Thanks for the answer, I have found (more or less) the cause of the problem and how to avoid it. The problem was that because all the results from previous profiles are stored on the .aqt file, after several profilings, the file gets very big and that's why it hangs. By deleting the previous results from time to time, it works perfectly.