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10 years ago

Handling App closing/opening with AQTime & TestComplete

I am trying to add AQTime coverage profiling to an existing TestComplete script suite we have developed for our application. 

One of the issues I am experiencing is that during the run of the program, the tested application will be forced to close and then re-open. This is expected and part of some of our scripts. When this occurs, AQTime throws an error complaining that it cannot open the AQTime project since it is already in use. 

Is there anyway that AQTime can be made to use new AQTime projects and we merge the results later? 

I would rather not have to split the script suite into several TestComplete executions since it is relatively large and predates the AQTime effort. 

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    Hi Tim,

    Not sure that I can help, sorry, but just to clarify: are you using Profile mode for your tested application in TestComplete or just start profiling in AQtime and than execute TestComplete tests against the already running application?
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    I have TestComplete running in Profile mode. Initially it works okay and when I start the script suite AQTime starts, then the tested application starts and scripts are executed against it. But when TestComplete reaches the script which restarts the application, AQTime complains that the AQTime project is already in use since it has already been opened.