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15 years ago

"Attach to process" with Delphi (2010) integration - is this possible?


I just installed the new AQTime 6.50 with Delphi 2010 integration and am testing it. Is there a way to attach the profiler to an already running process using the integration?

Previously as I've used the tool as stand-alone (not integrated to Delphi IDE), I've been able to use the Attach to Process functionality, but from the Delphi IDE integration I only see the menu item "Run with profiling" that seems to run from start, but not allowing to attach to an already running process.

I need the attachment functionality since often even with areas and triggers set so that profiling is not enabled, the profiler slows the execution so, that when I want to profile something late in the use flow, it's much better to just run the process normally and then attach the profiler just before I get to the part that I actually want to profile.



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  • Hi Antti,

    By default, the 'Attach to Process...' action is hidden when AQtime is integrated into RAD Studio. To make it visible, open the Customize dialog (right-click the toolbar and select 'Customize...'), activate the 'Run.AQtime' action group on the 'Commands' page and drag the 'Attach to Process...' action to the needed menu or toolbar.