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13 years ago

AQTime Crashes with Quick Test Professional


I am currently playing around with AQTime using the trial version and have found it good so far. The problem however is I was unable to launch AQTime from Quick Test application(HP Product). The application had a line "SystemUtil.Run("C:\MyProject.aqt")

Launching the AQTime from command prompt and vb script works fine. Just from this tool is causing a crash, we have plans to integrate AQTime with QTP for automation.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. The snapshot is attached as a part of this thread.



Rajesh V

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    Hi Rajesh,

    I've consulted our developers and they say that, most likely, the problem is in QTP. So, I'd recommend that you contact the HP support team.

    FYI, SmartBear Software offers a special tool for the automated testing - TestComplete. You can easily integrate AQtime with TestComplete without any difficulties. For more information, please refer to the Integrating TestComplete and AQtime article on our web site.