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15 years ago

AQ Time Via COM [Beginer]


I'm currently using AQTime via COM and I'm facing a problem.

To profile my application, I use the NewProjectFromModule() method of an IaqTimeIntegrationManager object, specifying the path to my executable file. Then I use the start() method of this same object specifying the path where I want to store the results.

My problem is that I don't want to get result in XML format only, because it doesn't contain things like the Call Grah or the Call Tree that I can obtain in the standalone mode (tell me if I'm wrong).

So I thought that if I can save the project in a .aqt file when the profiling is over, may be I'll have all those infomation. But I can't find how to do it using AQTime via COM.

I'll be pleased, if someone got idea.

Thank for your help.

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  • Hi David,

    I recommend that you just create and customize your project beforehand. After the profiling session ends, profiling results will be saved automatically along with the project when you close AQtime, so, you will be able to open the project and examine the results later.