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9 years ago

Subscribing to AlertSite Posts



I wanted to let you know that you can subscribe to specific AlertSite message types and get notified via email when a new message of that type is posted.  We've created the following labels:


  • AlertSite News - Any broad news about AlertSite.
  • AlertSite Maintenance Notice - Advance heads up messages about upcoming platform changes and maintenance.
  • AlertSite Issue Notice - We my use this forum to post about platform issues.
  • AlertSite Release Notes - AlertStie release notes will be posted here, in additon to any in-console notes.

You can subcribe to any or all of these and you'll be notified when there are new posts.  This message has been tagged with all 4 labels, so you can set up your preferences by clicking, and subscribing, to any of the label/s.


We hope this subscription feature will help keep folks better informed about the AlertSite platform.  Please let us know what you think!



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