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7 years ago

Status 93 errors triggered by an invalid SSL certificate chain

It is sometimes the case that a site's SSL certificate does not have a valid certificate chain setup to the root certificate authority. Without a valid cert chain, not all browsers will be able to validate the authenticity of the certificate and the browser will prompt the user to accept and store the certificate locally in browser if the user deems it valid.


When this happens in DejaClick, an Dialog Prompt is generated which triggers a 93 error for 'INVALID CERTIFICATE'. You can see the type of prompt presented in the Diagnostics view of the test run, by hovering over the Message to see the tool-tip


In DejaClick, make sure you are in Advanced Display Mode to see the Dialog Prompt property.


On the event triggering the error, add a CERT_INVALID Dialog Prompt. Make sure to set the option to Permanently Store Certificate and set the repeat count to 2. Save and replay the script once locally. Then upload it in DejaClick to replace the original. If the dialog prompt is presented the script will handle it. If there is no prompt the script plays through normally.


The error can be sporadic. This is because the each server at each location has multiple browser profiles. If the test is triggered from a profile that already has the certificate stored the prompt will not occur. It will only occur if a test is run from a browser profile that does not have the certificate stored prior and tries to validate it through the CA. 

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