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7 years ago

Slowing Down Replay Timings in DejaClick

It is often the case that a recorded DejaClick fails on replay because the elements on the page the script is trying to interact with have not yet rendered on the page. This is because DejaClick tries to replay against the website as fast as possible, and does not always recognize that the page has not fully loaded when it tries to proceed. This often triggers a 97 error.



In order to mitigate this problem, try slowing the Reply Timings of the script down in the DejaClick toolbar. Highlight the top level of the script and look for the 'Replay Timings' property below. Change the dropdown to 'Slow and click Apply.



It is also possible, and sometimes required, to slow down individual actions in the script for the same reason. This delay counts as 'User Thinktime' and does not count against the site's reported metrics for Response Time, Page Load, etc. Select the Event in the sidebar that requires some additional wait time and look for the Pause Interval property below. Check the box and enter the number of milliseconds the script should wait before proceeding to the next event. 



Pause Events are usually added to the last event in an Action, and usually prior to a click or interaction with a page element. They can be added to the initial navigation event as well to allow the page to fully render and show, for example, the login boxes before the script tries to click on them and enter credentials to login.


Page Still Loading - DejaClick Pause Interval waits 5 seconds before proceeding        5 seconds later, the page has rendered and DejaClick can now interact with the User ID box to enter the login information


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