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5 years ago

Selenium and steps reported in UXM

Is there a way to better identify the "steps" that are reported from a Selenium script in UXM?  Like, can I identify in the script what gets performed for for each step?  I know that I can manually Test on Demand the script which will tell me what Step/Action is what (kind of), but I would like to know if there is a way that I can manually identify these inside the script and have it report to AlertSite.


Also, sometimes I get extra steps reporting.  Majority of the time mu script reports 6 steps, sometimes 7 and every once in a while it reports 8 steps.  Anyone have any ideas on that?  Which, if I could manually identify the steps in the script, would fix this issue.


I have attached an image that should help with my question(s).

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  • You can identify events within the Selenium script itself using 'System.out.println' statements. These should appear in test results to better help you identify Events within an Action. Each action, or page change, should be identified by default.


    I suggest submitting a Support case on the 2nd issue so we can further investigate. You can do so from the console, under the "?" in the top right, or via email directly to