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10 years ago

New AlertSite UXM Grouping and Configurable Views



I'd like to share yesterday's AlertSite UXM Release Notes with you.  We added some exciting new functionality around monitor groups, configurable views, and dashboards.  I'll be hosting office hours this week to discuss these capabilities and will share the meeting info in a separate post.




Release Notes

Monitor Groups

  • Monitors can now be grouped together based on any criteria you choose.
  • Aggregate performance and availability will be shown for entire group.
  • Group performance is calculated using the Apdex methodology, which allows monitors of different types and performance characteristics to be aggregated in a meaningful way.
  • A new group summary screen is also being introduced. This screen will show the performance of the group by monitor, monitor type, and location.

User configurable views

  • Dashboards can now be modified using a variety of filters including Groups, monitor name, monitor type, and monitor status.
  • You can create views which can be saved and recalled at any time.
  • Individual users can set a default view, which will be the starting dashboard after login.

Various bug fixes





Denis Goodwin

Director of Product Management, AlertSite

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