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9 years ago

Is it possible to use a client certificate in a monitor ?



I am trying to record a scenario using a client certificate with DéjàClick and make it a monitor in AlertSite.


I have no problem with my record on my computer, where the client certificate is installed. The replay is validated, all steps are OK.


When I try to replay this record as a monitor on AlertSite, it does not have the client certificate installed, so it cannot login and the whole replay is KO. Is there a way to "install" a client certificate in a monitor ?

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      Thanks for your answer.


      It indeed allows me to add a certificate and use it to make connection tests, but my need is slightly different.


      I'm in contact with a technical laed from Smartbear who indicated  me that I had to open a support ticket to ask for a client certificate to be used in my scenario :

      - login through a standard login/password form

      - after this step is validated, provide a client certificate

      - navigate through the site

      - provide a different client certificate for some screens