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10 years ago

Important Notice Regarding DejaClick for Firefox!

As you may have heard, DejaClick for Firefox is incompatible with Firefox version 36 and above. Firefox 36 is expected to be released in late February.


Here are some steps you can take to continue using DejaClick in Firefox.


  1. Turn of Firefox auto-update. DejaClick is compatible with the current version (35). Preventing the update to 36 and above will enable DejaClick to work with your existing Firefox installation.
  2. If your version of Firefox upgrades to 36, you will be able to download a version of Firefox 31 that comes bundled with DejaClick and has auto-update disabled. This bundle will be available on and we'll let you know when its posted.


In the meantime, we've made several updates to the Chrome version of DejaClick and another is coming in the next week or so. So feel free to give that a try. We are still in the process of rolling out Chrome agents across our network, but you can upload recordings done in Chrome to the same Firefox monitoring locations you use now.


We'll be updating you frequently on this topic over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for more news.


Denis Goodwin

Product Owner, AlertSite UXM


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  • Greetings to anyone following this thread.  We have a late breaking update here.  Mozilla has backed out the changes that were incompatible with DejaClick.  As a result, DejaClick is now compatible with Firefox 36.

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      In case onyone is following this one....Looks like Mozilla will be moving forward with this framework change starting with FF43.  Look for lots more info coming soon.