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7 years ago

can i use firefox-dejaclick to repeatedly refresh and save a website

First-time user here so please excuse the ignorance. I want to repeatedly refresh (control-r) a web-site and then save it (control-s and yes). Is dejaclick capable of this?


The back-ground to the question is that I wish to monitor my usage of mobile-broadband using Three. When I was with EE then a web-page would display my remaining data for the sim-card I am using and I wrote a python program to repeatedly read the page and extract and log the information.


Three has a similar page but I have to first login in. I cannot work out how to do the login automatically so I've resorted to a second-best solution. I manually log into Three and then have a dejaclick macro do the refresh and save of the web-page every five minutes. Another program would run in the background and repeatedly scrape the saved web-page. I've recorded the action and playing back the macro seems to do the refresh but doesn't seem to do the save.


If I persist, then am I likely to get dejaclick to do what I want or am I misunderstanding its capabilities and flogging a dead horse?

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