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7 years ago

AlertSite Deployment Notice



New functionality has been added to AlertSite UXM over the past few weeks, here are some highlights!


API Endpoint Monitors


  • We’ve updated the creation and editing experience, allowing you to easily create API endpoint monitors directly from the AlertSite console
  • Easily create assertions based on the JSON or XML payload returned from the API endpoint


Capture Compare 


  • We now display the failing capture alongside a recent successful capture
  • Works with multiple capture types, including screen captures, SoapUI logs, and view source


UXM Test On Demand (TOD)


  • Execute TOD from any monitor or location from UXM interface
  • Launch TOD from monitor specific locations or directly from Dashboard
  • In addition to TOD, users can ‘Run Now’ and execute a monitor run that will be included in run history, clear/trigger alerts, etc. 
  • User can also execute a TOD against any URL.  Additional URL run types will be included in subsequent versions


UXM List Dashboard


  • We’ve made some changes to the UXM list dashboard to include more run information
  • The overall layout has been compressed to show more more monitors
  • Additional styling changes will be added very soon


UXM Parity Items


  • Users can now send test alert notifications from the UXM Alert Recipient configuration screen
  • Many account configuration functions are now available on the UXM settings screen
  • Bulk editing of blackouts and SLA settings is now available in UXM


Various bugs were also fixed.

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