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10 years ago

Adding Actions to DejaClick Script


Is there any easy way to append new actions to an existing DejaClick script?

I used DejaClick to automate running of reports from a web based 3rd party. My original script ran several reports. Now that it's working well, I've got requests to add a half dozen more reports to the daily run.

I didn't see a way to append actions to an existing DejaClick script. Loading the current script and clicking record closes that script and records a new one. I didn't see any feature that lets me add the results of the second recording to the first. I looked at the XML, thinking I could append the XML from the new script to the old one. It looks pretty complex, though, so I didn't do it.



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  • Hey Keith,

      You can't edit the raw XML, it just breaks the script. But you can append to the existing recording. Here's how:

     - Log into your account via the DejaClick toolbar and download the script into DejaClick.

     - Make sure the 'Sidebar' is visible on the left, showing you the actions and events already recorded. If you don't see the sidebar, click the button with the green checkbox.

     - The actions and events are listed in the top half of the sidebar window, click the arrows to expand the trees underneath each action. Find the last event you want to play, where you want to append from, and right click that event and add a 'Pause'. This may be the very last event in your case.

    - Now, play the script back off the desktop until it pauses where you asked it to

    - The red Record button will not become available in the toolbar. Use the side arrow dropdown next to Record button to confirm you are 'Appending Current Script', not adding a Branch.

    - Now click the record button, click OK to the warning that you are erasing anything after this point, and begin recording the additional steps you wish to add.

    - Once you are finished, click stop and then play the script back again off the desktop

    - If you are satisfied with the changes, and it plays successfully, re-upload it back to the account to replace the original.

     - If you mess up during the recording or end up choosing the wrong event to append from, no worries. Just re-download the original script again and start over Don't upload to replace it until it plays right for you on the Desktop.

      Hope that helps Keith, let me know how it goes :)

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    Hello. This method does not work. Or do not understand something . Can I ask you and help? I really want this

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       Hello Adam, I am a customer success advisor for AlertSite. If you still need assistance with the options to edit a recorded DejaClick transaction let me know and I can do my best to assist.