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6 years ago

999.999.999.999 is shown in the IP Address of My Notifier. What does that mean?

For monitors that can have more than one unique IP involved, 999.999.999.999 is presented. 999.999.999.999 means the same thing as "more than one IP is available for this device”. It can also mean "unresolvable". They are normally seen in a DejaClick transaction notification, as Dejaclick transactions involve more than one IP address. This part of the notifier has historical roots in the single site monitor, where a unique URL and a unique IP is the norm. A Round Trip email error notification would also show 999.999.999.999 as there are different IPs for the SMTP and POP3 hosts.


It is the same thing as "not applicable".


In other words, we show a real IP when we have something to show and 999.999.999.999 when we do not. One can see this sometimes in a Notification or in a Diagnostic Detail Report.


This post is based on a recent case and a Knowledge Base article was created:

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