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2 years ago

Zephyr Squad BDD REST API documentation

Hello all,

We've been pushing to use Zephyr Squad more in our development cycle, and I've been trying to create a solution that we can use to automate the upload of our test results into select test cycles. I've been able to get some items uploaded through the REST API using this set of documentation:

These were all ad-hoc tests and POC results. We have other tests that run through cucumber though. We've seen that there's a few methods to upload the cucumber.json results directly through the GUI, but the instructions for the REST API are less than helpful:

The request url of the first screenshot is pointing to the test step clone function of API 2.0, of which I can't find any documentation on whatsoever.
The request url of the second screenshot is pointing to a bdd/results/import function in API 1.0, which isn't listed in the documentation I linked above.
Neither of these show me how to specify what test cycle/version the file corresponds to, which should be a requirement when uploading test results of any kind.
Can someone direct me to some clearer documentation regarding BDD endpoints in the REST API?

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